Voicecube TM Patent Issued - The Portable Vocal Booth
Handcrafted and molding to perfection!

Its finally here!

Finally! A top of the line product that's light weight and inexpensive, giving you an excellent sound quality recording in a professional portable vocal booth that you can trust.

Create professional recordings right where you are - in the convenience of your home, at your own home studio, office center, or at an event area without the costly full-wall treatment! Your microphone needs to be in an acoustically treated environment, but you do not have to be.

The Voicecube was a brainchild of a music producer, song writer, sound engineer who is backed by over 20 years of experience in the field and a degree in audio/video program, the VoiceCube(tm) is the epitome of a perfect sound. It is ideal for professional vocalists, voice over artists, music producers, song writers, sound and audio engineers, Radio, Internet radio, Ipod show anybody who looking for and needs a professional quality recorded sounds. The VoiceCube(tm) also works perfectly in recording acoustic guitars, electric amps, horns, string and any sound/voice data you can think of!

hotitem The VoiceCube(tm) was made for professional in mind, but anyone can use it. All voice data is the same, a sound wave is a sound wave. It is all how you control it.

The VoiceCube(tm) isolates your microphone to give you that professional sound quality that you can never find anywhere else in a portable vocal booth! with Its built-in microphone stand is equipped with a quick release button allowing you to easily interchange all your mics and mic clips outside the VoiceCube(tm). The VoiceCube starts to control the sound wave within about 2' by stabilizing the sound wave and controling the reverberation,(NO REVERBERATION) while keeping your tone clean and bright (Tonality). With the VoiceCube(tm), expect that your recoding will never be dead or dull, unlike the rest of the non-professional vocal booth available in the market today. If your craft matters, you own it to your self to order today.

The VoiceCube(tm) was made and designed to do just that, to give you total control on all sides of your mic, inside and out. Most people are recording in an unstable environment, closets, bedrooms, garages and office space. When recording in an unstable situation the first and most important thing to remember is controlling the sound wave around your mic.

With the Voicecube all your hard works is done for you 100%, No More trying to find a great portable vocal booth that really works. As an artist you have enough to worry about already, use our 25 years of experience to make your voice recording sound just like you walked out of a professional recoding studio. Now you can focus on what really matters, your craft. Why spend countless hours, trying, hoping and spending your money only to get unsatisfactory results at the end.The Voicecube is also great for recording acoustic guitars, electric amps, and any voice data you can think of. #1 Best selling portable vocal booth on the market today!